Robotics Excursion Grade 3/4

On Friday of Week 4, the Grade 3/4 students travelled by bus to Wyndham Central College (formerly Galvin Park College) for a robotics workshop. Grade 9 students from Wyndham Central guided the 3/4s through the process of making robots out of lego and then programming the lego robot to do different things using special computer software. All students had a great time learning something new and having fun!

Here are a few photos of our experience.

Art Show 2014

Well done and congratulations to everyone in our learning group for all the fantastic work you did for the Art Show this year!

Here is the display of our ‘Rules of Summer’ inspired Book Week art pieces…

Here is the finished group art piece. It sold for $58!! Well done!


And, YES, the pictures are upside down… I don’t know why or how to flip them! Just turn your ipad upside down 🙂


Year 3 Camp!


building .jpg


  • 3 pairs of socks (not ankle socks)
  • 3 changes of underwear
  • 2 warm jumpers/windcheaters
  • 2 T-shirts or skivvies
  • 2 pairs of tracksuit pants/long pants
  • 1 waterproof jacket/coat
  • 1 pair of pyjamas for winter
  • 1 pair of slippers for indoors
  • 2 pairs of runners/boots/walking shoes
  • warm hat
  • 1 pair of thongs for shower


toothbrush/toothpaste, 2 towels, soap, hair brush or comb, sunscreen, small pack of tissues, small back pack/small bag (with lunch for first day)

Medication (labelled ready to give to designated teacher)


sleeping bag, pillow case, fitted sheet, 2 plastic bags, water bottle, small torch, soft toy/book to read (optional), camera (optional), lunch on the first day

PLEASE NOTE:  No chewing gum, aerosol cans, mobile phone, electronic games allowed

SLEEPING BAG.jpeg                                                     JACKET.jpeg


Term 3

welcomeback comments, welcomeback graphics

Welcome to Term 3! I am looking forward to having some fun learning great things this Term with you all. Year 3 Camp, Book Week and our school feast day are only a few of the big events happening this Term!

Nude Food at OLSC

Nude Food at OLSC At OLSC we are getting back into Nude Food!
From the 16th to the 20th of June we are having a Nude Food Week. During this week we are aiming for everyone to reduce their rubbish and bring Nude Food (food in containers) to school to eat during the week. In our Home Groups we will be having a competition to see who has the least rubbish in that week. At snack times and lunch times you will need to eat with your Home Group and weigh how much rubbish you have.
On Friday we will see which Home Group has the smallest amount of rubbish and those children will get a prize!
So lets get those Nude Food lunch boxes to OLSC! 🙂