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Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes


Today, 11th February, is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. In 1858, Mary appeared to a 14 year old girl, St. Bernadette. Mary appeared to her in a small cave, or grotto, near the French town of Lourdes. A special spring of water appeared in this cave, and many people believe this water can heal people who are sick and suffering.

Holy Mary, Mother of believers, Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us. 

Week 2

This week we are continuing to focus on the core value of CARE. We will also begin our Social Skills sessions this week. Also this Thursday, we will begin workshops including a PE workshop with me (John), ICT with Fiona and Passion Projects!

Let’s have a great week!!

Hello LC2 3-6 students!

Welcome to a new school year 2014 to everyone, but especially the Year 3-6 students in learning centre 2!

I am really looking forward to working and learning with you all this year. I can’t wait to learn more about everyone in our learning group, and having some fun as we learn. Remember, we are all learners in LC2, and I am learning with you, so please support me as I support you in your learning. Together, we can do great things!

The first two weeks of this term we will be focusing on the value of Care. Remember, that we show care for others also in the way we interact with others on our blogs. So please respect others and be responsible when posting and commenting on our learning group blog, your blog, and those of other students.

Before we get too busy with school work, I thought I’d share with you some of the photos I took while on holidays in Germany before Christmas!