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English Reflection Term 3

If this embed doesn’t show up for you, try going to the form directly by clicking on this link: https://docs.google.com/a/olscwyn.catholic.edu.au/forms/d/1PENeK2vB-QZxV-GALBSu-2qW1OpTri3CIplDA3a4uYI/viewform


Google Form for Tarquin, Will, Daniel and Braiden

VCOP Games



With a partner, play some Vocabulary games for the following list to prepare for Big Write on Friday…



Aesop’s Fables

Here is a slideshow with a list of some morals that you might like to use in your fables…




Week 6

Can Do Activities

  • Create a crossword about health eating and living for a friend.
  • Create a short picture story book for the juniors about the one of the Core Value of Care, Responsibility, Respect or Courtesy.
  • In honour of the Feast of Mary, Help of Christians last Saturday, create a diorama following the instructions on this website: http://www.catholicsistas.com/2013/05/20/mary-diorama/ 

Week 4 Activities

This week is Naplan.  Here is the timetable.

Tuesday, 9.15: Language Conventions

Tuesday, 11.30: Writing

Wednesday, 9.15: Reading

Thursday, 9.15: Mathematics


Must Do

Year 3 and Year 5

1. Naplan Revision

I can revise and prepare myself for Naplan by revising past papers.


2. Reading

I can read independently for enjoyment.


3. Learning Conversation

I can practise my learning conversation script and update all my work on my learning blog.



YEAR 4 and YEAR 6

1. Learning Conversation

I can practise the following script for my learning conversation next week.



2. Spelling

I can revise the following spelling words and understand the meaning.










3. Comprehension

I can read a text and answer questions about what I have read. 

Year 4

What do our bodies need?

Answer the following questions in your workbook

  1. Why do we need to eat nutrients?
  2. Why do we need to exercise?
  3. Why do we need clean air?
  4. How many hours sleep do we need each night?
  5. How many hours sleep do you have each night?



The Day Mum Stopped Cooking

Answer the following questions in your workbook

  1. Who can you relate to in the story? Explain this connection.
  2. What could Tommy have done in the story to show more courtesy?
  3. Do you think Tommy’s mother was fair in deciding to make Tommy cook dinner from now on?  Explain.
  4. What do you think is the lesson in this story for readers?


4. Sleep

I can write 5 main points from this BTN video

5. Writing

I can draft, edit and publish my writing. 

Finish your Big Write persuasive from last week.

  1. Finish your draft.
  2. Read you writing and edit it for VCOP.
  3. Ask another student to read it and give you one positive comment, and two helpful comments.
  4. Revise your writing following these comments.
  5. Meet with John to conference your writing. John will be available in writing time on Monday and Tuesday to conference with. Put your name on the board when you are ready.
  6. Make any final changes after meeting with John and Publish your writing (typed on your blog, written nicely, a letter, a video recording etc).



Wednesday: Cereal and oil-seed crops poster

Week 1

Week 1 Must Do’s

1. I can set goals for my learning: Review your learning goal for English from Term 1. Revise or set a new goal for Term 2 and write it in your workbook or on your blog.

2. I can retell a story from the point of view of a different character: Listen to the story of the Resurrection (Tuesday) and interview Mary Magdalene about her experience.


3. I can think about my own learning: We will be having learning conversations in the next few weeks. Practise holding a learning conversation with a classmate.

4. I can reflect on a visual text: Watch the following video about ANZAC day. Write 5 facts you learnt about ANZAC day.

 Writing: Tuesday

Week 10

This week you will have to chance to complete and upload to your blog your English work.


Week 9

1. Go to your group’s page to find your English Must Do’s.

2. Once you have completed your Must Do’s you can complete some of the can do’s on the following grid…

I-can-doCan Do’s Wk 8


Must Do’s


Must Do #1: Create a character profile for one of the key characters of the digital story “A Laugh a Day”. Remember to think like the Character Captain…


Must Do #2: Find one resource for your Werribee Inquiry research projects and complete the CAMPER sheet below:



Must Do #3: Reading time – Read from the set text below, recording wonderings and making connections as you read.

1. Olivia, Zack, Jack and Tanisha: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Emily Rodda, Chapters 1 & 2.  Sorcerer’s Apprentice Chapter 1 & 2

2. Regina, Holly, Ethan, Dylan and Braiden: The Third Door by Emily Rodda, Chapters 1 & 2. Third Door Chapters 1 & 2

3. William, Elana, Hamish and Bastian: Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, Pg 1-21.

4. Tyla, Max Nausica and Kaylan: While You Were Out by J. Irvin Kuns, Chapters 1 & 2.

5. Estelle, Daniel, Lachlan and Kaseylae: Snatched by Pirates by Patricia Bernard, Pg 1-21.




Must Do’s

Must Do #1: Watch the following slideshow of the book Refugees by David Miller.

Have a chat with a partner about the story. Think about the following questions…

What does this remind me of in the real world?
How is this text similar to things that happen in the real world?
How is this different from things that happen in the real world?
How did that part relate to the world around me?

In your English workbook, write down at least TWO text to self connections, TWO text to text connections, and TWO text to world connections.


Must Do #2: Pancake Tuesday

Read the following story “The Runaway Pancake”

Use Powtoon on the Chromebook or computer to retell the story.  John will show you how to do this on Tuesday.





Must Do #3: Cybersmart Activities




Must Do’s


Must Do #1: View the following videos. As you watch and listen to the stories, think about how people in the stories are showing responsibility, or not. Use the following Venn Diagram to examine the theme of responsibility in the stories. Post your completed Venn Diagram on your blog.



Venn Diagram: Responsibility Venn Diagram

Must Do #2: Compare and contrast two versions of the same story. Read the following versions of Cinderella. 


images-1In your English workbooks, COMPARE (what is similar or the same in both stories?) and CONTRAST (what is different in both stories?), writing down at least 6 sentences.


Must Do #3: What does the Bible tell us about being responsible? Using the following website, http://www.ewtn.com.au/devotionals/biblesearch.asp, choose TWO of the following Bible passages to read.

Exodus 18:13-26

Sirach 15:11-20

Ezekiel 18:14-32

Hosea 8:1-14

Remember, for Sirach 15:11-20, Sirach is the name of the Book, 15 is the chapter, and 11-20 are the verses.  

After you have chosen two Bible passages and read them, compare and contrast the two stories, writing your responses in your English workbook. You might like to consider the following questions:

What’s the same about these stories? 

What’s different about these stories?

Who is showing responsibility in these stories? 

Do people in the stories own up to their irresponsibility? 

Do people in these stories suffer and consequences for their actions?


Must Do #4: Art can also be viewed as a text! Many pieces of art represent stories we may have read, and often attempt to tell a story in the picture. View the following pieces of art, all about the same topic:

WeddingCana wedding-feast-at-cana-john-meng-frecker cana


In your English workbook, or on your English page on your blog, write 5 things that are common to all 3 artworks, and 5 things that are different. Try and work out which story the artworks depict (it is a Bible story from the life of Jesus), and write at least one paragraph about how the artworks are different and/or similar to the Bible version of the story.




Must Do Activities

1. Clever Connector: Using the novel/book you are reading at the moment, complete the following task. 


Use the following as a guide when making connections to what you are reading.

Making Connections

2. The Wyndham Community: Complete the following comprehension task about the Wyndham community.

Wyndham Community Reading

3. Responsibility Story: Watch the following video.

In your English book, divide a page in half from top to bottom. On the left side, write all the different ways that Joseph acts irresponsibly. On the right side, write all the ways Joseph acts responsibly. Now reflect on how you act irresponsibly and responsibly at school. Include two examples of each.

4. Complete the CyberSmart quiz. Click on the picture to start the quiz.


Can Do Activities

1. Using your silent reading novel/book, continue to practise making connections to what you read. Use the following sheet to organise the connections you make as you read.  Making Connections sheet

READING: Week 3 Activities

 Must Do’s

 1. Discussion Director: Read a chapter of a book of your choice.  Complete the following Discussion Director role.



2. Werribee – The Past

Watch the following clip.  In your books complete the following table.

Werribee The Past



3. Inspirational Families: Research about an inspirational family for your Home Group name.

Answer the following questions.

Who is in the family?

What did that family do?

What makes that family inspirational?


4. CARE Infomercial: Create a informercial about care.  You need to create a 2 minute commercial about care and why it is a necessary part of our life.  You need to be creative and make the infomercial exciting for the viewers to watch.  Watch the following examples for inspiration. Create your infomercial using iMovie, www.powtoon.com or another app. BE CREATIVE


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