Term 4

This Term your Reading and Writing groups may be different. Here are the Writing groups for Term 4 and when you will be having Focus Groups:

Group A – Daniel, Jack F., Tarquin, Sidney, Serena, Alana.

Group B – Fletcher, Alyssa, Elana, Halle, Kaylan.

Group C – Bastian, Braiden, Tanisha, Will B., Lachlan. 

The Gremlins – Holly, Kaseylae, Regina, Max, Dylan, Stephanie. 

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Week 9: Writing Workshops

Monday: I can include a complication and resolution in my narrative.

Tuesday: I can include a complication and resolution in my narrative.

Wednesday: I can develop characters through descriptions, actions, speech and feelings in my narrative.

Wednesday: I can develop characters through descriptions, actions, speech and feelings in my narrative.

Thursday: I can develop setting through time, place and atmosphere.

Friday: Big Write

Week 8: Workshops

Monday: Interesting Openers – Zack, Ethan, William and Bastian

Tuesday: Clever Connectors – Kaylan, Dylan, Jack F and Tyla

Wednesday: Big Write Planning – Elana, Cooper and Zack.




Must Do #1: Respect Rap – view video of rap and write your own rap. Check the rap draft with me, then produce a music video using GarageBand or iMovie.


Must Do #2: Use the Scholastic story starter to create an interesting opening paragraph to a narrative.


Must Do #3: Using visual prompts (ask John for your visual prompt), write a description of the picture. Describe the setting, feelings of characters and actions in the picture to make your writing more interesting.

Read your description to a partner, then show the picture to your partner and see if the description matches the picture.






Must Do #1: Newspaper Article

Plan newspaper report about an event that’s happened in their life.

1. Use planning sheet


2. Check plan with teacher and tell another student about plan

3. Write your draft of report in your English Books

4. Find an editor that will conference your work.  Your editor needs to give you 2 stars and a wish

5. Conference with teacher

6. Publish


Must Do #2: BBC Newspaper Report

Play the game about the features of a newspaper report by clicking on the picture.





Must Do #3: Responsibility – Find as many words as you can within the word ‘responsibility’. Record these in your English workbook.




Must Do’s

Must Do #1: Newspaper Reports

Select a newspaper article that interests you.

Complete the following organiser about the features of newspapers

Newspaper Framework 

Must Do #2: Behind the News

Watch the following story

As a newspaper reporter, write 5 questions you would ask James and Giuseppe about ice skating.


Must Do #3: UPLEVEL Newspaper Headlines.

Make these headlines more exciting and grab the readers attention by upleveling them.  You may want to include a WOW word, adjective, adverb, opener or punctuation.

The Storm Last Night

Australia’s Gold Medal 

The Soccer Match

The Fire

Must Do #4: Read the following Newspaper article: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/owners-get-a-guilt-trip-at-the-vets-to-add-to-bill/story-fni0fit3-1226834827207

Think about the special features of a newspaper article (Catchy heading and opener, main body of the report, direct quotes from people) try and write a PLAN for the newspaper article. Think of the main ideas of each paragraph to help you plan the article ‘backwards’.

Writing: Week 4

Must Do Activities

1. Behaviour Journal: A big part of being responsible is accepting, or “owning up”, when we do something wrong, and recognising how we handle problems or tricky situations. This must do requires you to create a ‘Behaviour Journal’. You may want to devote the back of your English book for this, you may like to create a google doc  as your journal, or create a private page on your blog. If your journal is electronic, ensure that I have access to it too.

In your journal, you might like to write about something that has happened during the week where you have not shown responsibility, and how you handled this and made things right. You might also include times when you HAVE shown responsibility. Use this journal as a way to reflect upon how you act and show responsibility at school and home. A successful journal will have thoughtful, reflective entries.

2. Go to your own blog page. Write a post on the front page “All about me”. Remember to follow the internet safety rules.

3. Write a recount about your weekend. Use the following framework to write an interesting and detailed recount about your holiday. Remember to use WOW words, interesting connectives, varied punctuation and exciting openers. Upload your completed recount to your blog for others to read.

Recount Writing Frame

Can Do Activities

1. Leave a comment on someone’s blog, perhaps about some work they have posted, or their introduction post. Make sure you look at the guide to blog commenting below before you leave someone a comment.

Blog Commenting



WRITING: Week 3 Activities

Big Write: Use this online graphic organiser to help you plan and write a recount.


VCOP Super Powers


Recounts powerpoint

 Must Do’s

1. Publish your own holiday recount in a creative way

– Slideshow

– Picture story book or ebook

– Comic strip


2.  BBC Bitesize Recounts


3. Studyladder

Go to the link



4. Care Pack

Create a care pack using a brown paper bag.  Select 4 items which you think should go in this care pack that relate to care.  Draw a picture of the item.

Write a short description  about what the item is, how it is used and how it helps show care.


Writing – Week 2

Care Poetry

Write a cinquain poem about care. Remember, the structure of a cinquain is as follows:

Line 1: Title (noun) – 1 word

Line 2: Description – 2 words

Line 3: Action – 3 words

Line 4: Feeling (phrase) – 4 words

Line 5: Title (synonym for the title) – 1 word

An example: Kangaroo

Big, red.

Bounding, leaping, thumping.

The symbol of Australia.


First, use this planning document to plan your poem: Plan a Cinquain

If you would like to see some more examples of cinquain poetry, visit: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems/cinquain

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